Case Study

Here is an example of a digital version of the suggested transitions for patients from acute care (hospitals, emergency rooms) to their next level of care. By government mandate (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid) patients must be given choice. Acute care providers struggle with presenting this choice, resorting to lengthy print outs and hours wasted. The Patient Matching list is a contemporary, efficient, mobile solution.

Here’s what I did:

The information architecture (IA) was simple by design.

And quickly lead to low fidelity prototypes – mostly to work out content requirements and flow.

Both mobile and tablet were required, so I designed a responsive solution that works for both devices (break points). Patients receive an email notification with a link to their custom provider list.

After completing the requirements, building fully interactive prototypes, and testing with actual users… I annotated the mockups so multiple development teams could build the feature.

For MVP and for providers outside the system (Provider Data Base) images of their facility are replaced by icons for levels of care (LOC). I developed and mapped these to the different LOCs.

The Patient Matching List provides critical content to patients so they and their care givers can make the right choice in their recovery. And it creates great efficiency for providers, as well as becoming the system of record for each care transition.